The Simplest Way to Track Your Assets!


Easy-to-use tracking app made for agile fleet management

At the request of our American client with whom our business cooperation later grew into a partnership. We developed this real-time resource tracking application. Our client was looking to improve their business by using an application that makes it easier to track fleet and independent contractors at cost-effective rates.

Our team has designed and developed this simple application that frees you up to additional hardware and for which you only need a smartphone.

With a straightforward user interface and a visually attractive design, this very flexible and user-friendly app has an upgradable development approach to accommodate all your tracking needs and provide users with a faster and better experience.

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Track your resources in real-time
Track any asset – your own or independent contractors
No dependency on network operators or expensive GPS devices
Route tracking setup in just a few seconds
Backend supervising software for your asset management
Upgradable development approach to accommodate all your tracking needs