Don’t write for everyone

One of the most important rules in copywriting is: know your target audience, clients or customers, so that you can write effective content (copy) and get their undivided attention. Address them using their language and their set of interests.

Remember: people who don’t read your content are not your target audience!

Your target audience will want to know what they get, so you will want to get right down to the benefits, instead of going into product/service specifications. What really sells is stressing out secondary benefits of any product or service, something that person reading your copy can relate to, and not going into quoting primary benefits (e.g. GPU or camera model).

So, if you're washing your car it really doesn't concern you that car-wash service is using special XYZ-350 brush, however, you would want to know that your car will be ready in 5 minutes and it will look like a brand new car.

Stay on topic

Regardless of the topic, you want to stay on the point all the time and keep your reader’s attention throughout the text – right down to the end! This gets you many useful things things:

  • Engaging customers – establishing your brand or product
  • Better conversion rate
  • More time on the site - better SEO
  • More clicks – successful advertising (and also better SEO)
  • Better audience experience

Do not let your readers wonder off – they tend to do that.

We can copywrite any content for you

We offer a full range of content writing services (along with copywriting and digital marketing) starting just with a concept or with the existing text which needs a touch of optimization. We can write all sorts of specific copy forms for your needs, such as:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Selling copies
  • Web content and web presentation
  • Product or Video game description...
  • Whatever you need!

Should you ever need it, we can do verses too!

Do not hesitate

If you’re wondering whether you need copywriting services, you probably do. The best way to check is to ask for an advice or a consultation, it’s a natural part of the content creation process.

You can also write to us, it’s always appreciated.