Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing for Surgically Accurate Advertising

Aside from connecting people, Facebook contains very powerful tools for targeted advertising. Facebook has been collecting user information over the time, which can be effectively used to place your ads to those who are most interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook still has the most diverse audience of over 1.5 billion users, which ensures that your Facebook ads will safely reach the right destination.

Social Networks Are Not Just Social

The personal information of social network users provides a detailed picture of the profile of most users. This is what changed the face of marketing in the last decade, for the benefit of the advertised party.

Facebook offers virtually unlimited options to define your target audience, so your money is not spent, and your ad is shown only to those who would be interested (and them only).

Targeting Tools for Facebook Ads

At any time, Facebook offers the option of defining an audience, keeping in mind:

  • > sex
  • > age
  • > location
  • > relationship status
  • > earnings
  • > education
  • > engagements
  • > pages and groups the user is following
  • > e-mail addresses
  • > and many other parameters

Audience selection can be narrowed down to several thousand users, so the success of your Facebook Ad depends solely on marketing professional's skills. It is important to define your target group, but it is equally important to choose a good image or video for a Facebook Ad as well as write a great text (see our copywriting) which encourages the user to take action, ie. to be instantly interested and click on your ad.

A Facebook ad clearly calls for action (whether it's a visit to your page, group, website, or a direct phone call), and with a good image, video and certainly a good copy - you will ensure it achieves the greatest success and speaks directly to your audience - in their language.

The Advantage of Facebook Ad is That It is Not Expensive

This type of advertising is not expensive and if your target audience is precisely defined (tens of thousands of users) - you won't pay much for the campaign.

Network rules allow you to always be present and in constant contact with the target group, depending on your engagement and without (much) money. This will help you reinforce your brand, and ultimately achieve greater conversion rate, site visits, and other benefits.

Facebook allows the option of creating a custom audience based on a visit to your site, as well as retargeting an audience that has already shown interest in your product or service, to encourage interested but less determined customers.

Why choose ACTIV8 for Facebook Ads?

ACTIV8 offers you a complete range of services, starting with free consulting, in-depth research of your target audience, to writing and creating ads that give superior results. Additionally, analyzing the results of an existing campaign allows us to optimize the campaign to maximize the cost of advertising, and thus give you the most value for money.

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Give us a call, and try Facebook marketing for a few days with a limited budget and witness its effectiveness. We are certain you'll be more than pleased!

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