Instagram Ads

If you’re not on Instagram - it’s time to get hooked!

If you're wondering if you need an Instagram profile, the answer is simple - YES! Why so? Maybe the fact that this is the fastest-growing network, and that over 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram profile - will influence your decision - for a reason.

Instagram gives you a way to present yourself in the best light and establish your brand, and Instagram ads will help you do that.

Why are more and more people and brands using Instagram and Instagram ads?

There are many statistics why Instagram can help you promote your product, services or brand and we present you the highlights:

  • > Instagram has over one billion users
  • > a third of online purchases are made directly through the Instagram app
  • > the most advanced audience targeting system (as well as Facebook )
  • > availability of users not available on other networks
  • > the visual nature of the network
  • > possible maintenance of the customer base even without funds
  • > maintaining a constant relationship with the target group
  • > testing what the target audience likes

Why choose Instagram ads?

Instagram is a very powerful tool for selling products or services, and then you understand the potential of Instagram ads. The advanced digital advertising system is the same as used for Facebook ads, and Twitter too (if you didn't know, it's the same owner). If you want to know more about how Instagram ads work, you can do it here.

All three networks function differently and have a different customer base, so depending on your target group, some of these networks may be selected or combinations thereof.

Increasingly, younger social media users (Millennials and the Z generation) have profiles exclusively on this network, so if you offer something specific to this target audience, Instagram marketing is the ideal solution.

ACTIV8 keeps track of all the trends for you

It's not easy to keep up with all the changes that have taken place in the digital marketing world, but that's why ACTIV8 creative studio does it for you! We can advise you at any time what is the best marketing strategy just for you. Instagram ads are just one of the marketing services we offer, but hard to get around.

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