Social Network Management

What is social network management?

Maintaining or running social networks is a demanding task that requires your time and attention. If in addition to running your own business you have the time and the quality to run social networks, you are in a distinct minority!

Everyone else is mostly reaching out to a marketing expert, or community manager. And that's exactly what ACTIV8 has to offer - running your social networks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Who needs social network maintenance?

To a certain extent, maintaining social networks is a must for everyone, but as a service or product provider, you need it the most! Being present on social networks is important for many reasons, primarily because of direct communication with your target group.

If you are always on your target group's radar, as soon as they need the service or product you are offering - they will contact you first. That way you are always ahead of the competition!

Social networks provide you with a sort of screening before deciding on a service or product, because who better to advise you than those who use or plan to use your products or services?

Stay present at all times!

Perhaps the most practical reason to have social networks is to be present. First of all, you need a page to advertise on social networks.

If you want to present yourself in the best light, the page must be "alive", which means that you can see that it's managed - you have regular posts, you respond to messages and comments and you keep an eye on your followers. We know this is a huge commitment and that's why ACTIV8 runs social networks for you!

If someone clicks on your ad and the page looks neglected, a negative PR is automatically generated.

ACTIV8 social network management

Our community manager will keep an eye on what is happening with your official page, and the posts will be published at the agreed frequency. ACTIV8 offers you guidance on all major social networks:

  • > Facebook
  • > Instagram
  • > Twitter
  • > Linked In

The posts we publish for you will be tailored to your target audience, and we will be - in constant communication with you.

Stay in constant touch with your follower base and be aware of what they expect from you and the service/product you are providing. Running social networks will help you improve your services and establish your brand.

Get started or improve your social networking today!