QA and Software Testing

We Monitor Software Development at all Stages

From the moment you present your idea to ACTIV8 team to a final working product, our QA and testing experts are keeping their close eye to processes, procedures and standards in order to ensure they are conducted and implemented according to high quality standards.

This whole process is called Software Test Life Cycle (STLC), and it integrates Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) and Testing. This shouldn’t be a separated process done by a third party, and that’s why we make sure it’s done in-house before we hand it to client for user testing and further usage.

While QA focuses mainly on processes, procedures and standards, QC is making sure that already developed software is working properly in accordance with documented requirements. Their job is to practically test the software by executing the software in order to identify bugs, defects errors, or any issues in software functionality, through implementation of preset procedures and processes. It is a corrective stage of STLC.

When it’s Ready to Run

Final testing is being done in a simulated real-use activities, and it’s being done as a subset of quality control process at all sub-stages.

Software test life cycle saves the time after delivering the first version of software to a client, as it saves time on additional testing, and lets you focus mainly on functionalities.

ACTIV8 ensures that your software is developed in a foolproof environment to save you valuable time and energy.