Solution for your problems


Ticketing system according to your needs

Our ticketing system allows you to quickly and easily solve any technical problem by creating an account (ticket), allowing us to manage your request and solve it in the shortest possible time.

The system gives you an insight into all interactions and activities in one place: pre-set orders, their status, and technical support response.

The ACTIV8 team has designed and made this system according to the needs of the users. The software is powerful enough to manage the most complex tasks, and at the same time, flexible enough to adapt to your growing needs.

It can be easily integrated into any business software and enabling better coordination of our services with your wishes and requirements.


Save your time
Increase your productivity
Team with experience for on-site or remote support
Availability 24/7
The most advanced software tools for remote customer support
Flexible ACTIV8 methodology and team management