Hair Cutting-Edge app


The first digital hairdresser tool ever

Our client, a long-time hairdresser, came up with the idea to create a digital simulator for cutting, shaping and stylizing hair that allows users, unlike the existing ones, what no other simulator can - to try haircut techniques or new hairstyles in real-time. His idea thrilled and intrigued us. Our team embraced this great challenge, and, together with our partner Azymus team, we developed a unique, very realistic, and practical 3D simulator application.

This revolutionary and innovative application, the first of its kind, is visually very attractive but also very functional and realistic too. It is, in fact, a useful virtual tool for hairdressers - both professionals and trainees, and for everyone else who wants to experiment with their hair without risking spoiling a hairstyle. It allows you countless haircuts, hair colors, or hairstyles. Simply, the perfect real-time haircut process.

Available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Store.


Real-life hair based geometry for accurate hair processing
Adjustable hair angles for making cuts with utmost precision
3D engine for 360° model approach in real-time
App creator’s Instruction guide for various hairstyles and techniques
Hairstyling, modeling and dying option