The digital self-certification solution for workplace health check-ins


Ensure your workers' health with the digital check-in solution

We have created this very useful app that delivers a solution for the evolving landscape of workplace health standards in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. A paperless and customizable platform for real-time daily health check-in reporting. The modern and intuitive interface makes this app very user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Specifically designed to adapt to companies and workplaces of any size and any industry, OnSite Checked helps you adhere to workplace health regulations. OnSite Checked is a fully secure solution for your employees and allows guests and clients to check-in as well.


Multiple same-day check-ins
Automated daily email reminders to check-in
Onsite QR
Real-time updating and reporting
Customizable questionnaire to suit your safety standards
Unlimited locations - accessible 24/7 with any web-connected device