Software Architecture Design

Developing a custom-made software solution tailored to your needs can make a difference for your employee business productivity, customer engagement, and profitability. However, sometimes ready-made software cannot meet all your requirements, or you outgrow it over time. Then it would help if you had a customized software solution that will meet all your specific business needs.

Software architecture design is a method of planning and creating a software solution. It serves to determine the requirements that will affect the application's structure and establish a link between the business and technical requirements of the application. It is essentially the skeleton of a software system with all components and establishing their communication and coordination.

Software architecture affects the quality, performance, maintainability, and overall success of the produced software. Therefore, our solutions are based on the latest technological achievements and modern architectures that guarantee applications' performance and security.

The architecture is followed by software design, a design plan for system implementation, and mainly focused on the internal components of the system and their interaction with each other. In other words, it has a blueprint function that guides teams in applying coding, design, integration, and software testing.

Good software architecture design means solving problems during the project design phase. The ACTIV8 team has the knowledge and skills for well-designed software architecture and comprehensively documenting a quality software solution for you.

Whether you need a database, corporate web solution, or desktop application for a large number of users, we can realize any of your ideas.

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