Web App Development

Digitalize your work process with a high-end web app

If it is important to you to have a functional web app that you can use from any device at any time and wherever you are, we are here to enable it for you.

We offer full-cycle software development of custom enterprise solutions for web platforms.

It’s scalable

The enterprise or any other web software should allow growth, especially sudden rapid growth, without a drop in performance that could throttle its upward trajectory. We offer you highly scalable software solutions, and we provide continuous maintenance and optimization of our products.

Adapt software to your specific needs

Software needs to work well over a wide variety of conditions and to be reliable at any given time. It usually includes a mobile performance that must compensate for device quality and mobile network strength.

We create fully customized software solutions without bloated code that is engineered to meet your needs precisely.

Get top-notch security features for your web app

One of the most important characteristics of the enterprise software is absolute safety that it will be functional at any moment because your business depends on it. The fallout from breaches and leaks can put a company’s future at risk. Therefore, the enterprise-ready software architecture supports security features throughout, and we make sure that we are always on the top with the latest security requirements.

Full web app integration is crucial

Enterprise software needs to interact with other tools and software already in use. It has to either fit in established workflows or improve them enough to justify disruption. Therefore, besides providing a great software solution, we make sure that it is properly integrated with the existing IT environment. Thus, performing integration with SAP and CRM systems, payment gateways, and various API-s is one of our fields of expertise.

Get the best of everything with ACTIV8 Software Development

We offer competitive costs - from the initial investment to ongoing maintenance costs. Getting an MVP (minimum viable product) released as quickly as possible to let it begin generating ROI (return of investment) is a priority for most businesses, too.

We give the best cost to performance ratio while delivering quality and on-time products.

Speed and simplicity throughout the software development process

According to your specification we will design a software solution that fully meets your needs of use, and you can rely on it. Our technical support takes care of regular data storage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With a precise deal on functionality, experienced software developers will make the process of creating your web app easier and realize the idea within the agreed time.

In addition to already finished digital products ready for fast integration into your business system, contact us and present your idea to us, and we will realize it.

Start developing your software and utilize a quality web app!