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The service that definitely sets us apart from the competition is in-house web hosting

Our ACTIV8Cloud service allows you to allocate virtual server instances, and add a flexible pool of Cloud CPU, RAM and Hard Disk resources to share across the server instances as required. The main benefits for moving to a virtual environment include cutting costs, reducing physical space, and increasing efficiencies. ACTIV8 provides consultation and solutions for virtualizing network, storage, and servers.

On-Demand virtual server instances. Scalable, flexible, and available as a monthly subscription.

This service eliminates mediation of the third party and cuts the time of placement of the content or any other changes on your site.

Communication related to any change, problem or technical question is carried out directly with our technical support, so the time for solving potential problems is reduced to several hours, instead of several working days.

ACTIV8Cloud offers a variety of custom options for configuration. In consultation with our engineering team we can assist with server and resource sizing, and we can install a variety of custom applications for integration with your network.

With the maturity of cloud infrastructure and the increasing availability of cost effective high-speed internet access, the use of online applications has exploded. However, a successful migration is not quite as simple as signing up to an online application and sending your staff an email! Like all software, cloud applications have bugs, features that don’t work as intended, and they’re not always compatible with each other, often needing workarounds to solve problems.

ACTIV8 can help drive successful outcomes and reduce the risk of failed deployments by offering a range of advice and assistance. From planning and performing complete enterprise migrations to Office 365 or Google Docs, through to assisting with a single pesky Outlook bug, ACTIV8 is ideally placed to assist with your cloud application initiative.

In accordance with the needs of your content, site traffic and information flow - we guarantee the best price and hosting quality ratio.

As well as for all services that we offer, regular data „backup“ ensures the continuous operation of the site. Save the time needed for communication with technical support and provide safe hosting.

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