IT System Design

IT Project Management and Computer Network Systems Design

IT Infrastructure projects can be complex to understand and implement due to the range of technologies that are used and necessary in your business. That's why ACTIV8 offers you everything from consulting, IT system design, to the management of your IT system and your entire computer network.

Creating a custom user test plan for IT system design early in the project gives you insight into the changes we propose and greater control over the outcome of the whole project.

We guarantee that the proposed solution will work according to defined parameters and predefined budget, thus eliminating any risk that IT network infrastructure will deviate from the targeted performance.

Our methodology is:

  • > flexible - covers most of your needs
  • > strict - in terms of timing, agreed price and project outcome

We create a custom IT system for your needs

Our IT Specialist always starts a system design project by getting thoroughly acquainted with the needs of your business and the desired effect of computer system. This determines the technology choices that are optimal for you (no two computer networks are the same). This is followed by creating network infrastructure documentation and a user test plan, for the best control over the final result.

Manage your resources in the best way possible

The assessment of existing funds influences the implementation of the overall project. We often find an advanced server connected to an outdated computer network system. Asset reorganization is the first step to optimizing your computer system.

How to best allocate a limited budget while incorporating WAN, storage, server, licenses, and hardware? There are several ways that we apply in such circumstances:

  • > we look at your computer system as a whole
  • > we analyze the core issue – by using advanced diagnostics software
  • > we recommend scalable modular infrastructure – thus reducing initial costs and leaving room for further upgrades

It is best to start from the basic setup of your computer network and invest in the system gradually - according to your needs. It is not advisable to invest surplus funds in the IT system which will not be fully used.

ACTIV8 your IT strategy

Our clients perceive us as an addition to their IT department, especially if their core business is not related to information technology. If this is the case, ACTIV8 can be your IT agent, who will do all the computer and computer networking work at your company, or provide professional collaboration whenever and wherever required. This saves time and resources that you can invest in further developing your business.

We can advise you on the scope of the project and design, the selection of vendors and distributors, the implementation plan, the change of approach in training of management and users. These are some of the examples our consultations cover:

  • > Infrastructure overview
  • > Security assessment
  • > Migrating to the Cloud
  • > Business logic
  • > User deployment and integration

IT solutions you can trust

ACTIV8 has been consulting for IT services since 2007. Our extensive first-hand experience means we know very well what obstacles can be encountered in practice - and how to avoid them.

Our team is responsible for running IT systems in over 180 organizations and businesses. The special skills of our team members allow you to better manage the different parts IT systems - from infrastructure, through a cloud, security, communication, and collaboration.

ACTIV8 offers you:

  • > Experienced and certified project managers
  • > Expertise in the overall execution of IT infrastructure projects
  • > Guaranteed project execution and fixed price testing
  • > Flexible approach at every step of the project
  • > Emphasis on active communication throughout the project

Engage and upgrade your computer network today!!