Network Maintenance

Prevent Productivity Losses with Preventive Network Maintenance

Performing proactive and scheduled network maintenance ensures maximum reliability and the overall lowest TCO through minimizing costs and productivity losses that are associated with downtime and replacement. Preventative maintenance is normally included within our standard support packages; however, we also provide maintenance services to those clients who have an in-house IT team and who want their team to be allocated to more specialized tasks.

Our program of predefined and fully documented preventative maintenance tasks uses our qualified staff and industry recommended processes. These preventative maintenance tasks are performed on:

  • Server and storage infrastructure
  • Desktop infrastructure
  • Network equipment
  • Backup and security systems

Scheduled Network maintenance Saves Time and Money

Each maintenance task can be performed at a standard frequency or on a specific nominated basis appropriate for your environment. These tasks include:

  • Patch management
  • Log file review and corrective action
  • Security vulnerability testing
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam management
  • Active directory account review
  • Archiving and data file management
  • Routine backup verification and test restores
  • Threshold trending and management – CPU, RAM, disk, network bandwidth
  • Application interoperability and alerts
  • Asset management tasks
  • Custom maintenance tasks developed to meet unique requirements

Custom maintenance tasks developed to meet unique requirements

Note that many maintenance tasks are performed in “real-time”. That is, we use our monitoring and IT management systems to automatically raise alerts based on predefined thresholds or known error conditions which are then actioned by our network maintenance team as they happen.