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ACTIV8 customer IT support is always available to ensure everything works out in the best way.

Around the clock shift schedule allows us to provide you with real 24/7 support.

ACTIV8 provides a full range of IT support services for businesses. With great success, we provide IT services over 3000 end-users and 180 businesses in Europe and North America.

IT customer support is one of the first and basic services we offer

ACTIV8 offers the IT support services and supporting infrastructure that customers expect from IT providers (including ACTIV8 Cloud and networking solutions).

ACTIV8 offers the IT support services and supporting infrastructure that customers expect from IT providers (including ACTIV8 Cloud and networking solutions). We provide customer support throughout Serbia, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. ACTIV8 IT team works with over 20 certified agents and field support technicians.

Flexible team structure for the best possible approach

Our customer support consists of IT engineers who have divided the types of issues into escalation levels 1, 2, and 3 and based on ticketing system approach the issue is resolved or escalated to the next level. This kind of division allows us to approach the problem by the expertise of a team member that is most qualified to resolve it.

We form various customer IT support teams that are tailored to the specific client. This structure allows us to offer communication with all the benefits - a smaller team assigned to a client, while covering all levels of knowledge required for any intervention at any given time.

A good definition is half the solution

Our customer support process management is driven by ACTIV8 principles regarding problem type, situation access and staff rotation, and service level is defined by the ticket and the severity of the potential issue.

Our technicians have relevant experience in providing both remote and on-site customer support. Active technical staff rotation allows us to get to know your needs in everyday work, as well as end-user needs in order to provide the best level of service. This setting facilitates further communication and resolution of most of the issues by telephone or during remote control assistants.

Our Fields of Expertise

Over time, we have developed custom systems and created the opportunity to support the complete infrastructure of our clients extending to Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud, Security, Networks (LAN and WAN), Static (Desktop) computers, IP telephony, and many application and IT implementation and delivery options.

The Best Technology for the Best IT Support

Our support team is equipped with the best distance support tools currently available.

The ACTIV8 ticketing system was made by our team of developers according to customer needs. It is placed on customizable SQL base and provides a full range of personalized reports and service levels (SLAs) that are customized to your preferences and needs.

ACTIV8 Field IT Customer Support

ACTIV8 offers a choice of field IT support services in around 20 locations. Support is provided by our network of outlets and agents throughout Serbia.

This kind of coverage allows us to execute complex projects across multiple locations, such as hardware and network deployment across the country, and providing extensive support to multi-branch businesses.

The fact that every branch in the country is supported by the same team, within the same contract and agreed service level (SLA), means - reliability and efficiency. A comprehensive package of services and support is a huge advantage opposed to alternative.

Specialized IT Field Support Team

We cover everything from national distribution chains with field support and after hours - to individuals who need a dedicated team to handle any issue in the field and are accessible by phone. ACTIV8 has the experience and flexibility to deliver superior on-site service to all businesses across multiple branches.

If your business has multiple branches and you do not receive the same quality of service in all locations, contact the ACTIV8 team, to define unified IT support solution under one contract.

What Sets ACTIV8 Apart?

Although we have a full range of support and maintenance services to offer, we are specialized in creating a suite of unlimited IT support at fixed rates. Here are some of the perks of our way:

  • < We are responsible for the functioning of your infrastructure
  • < We keep your system in line with the best practices in the IT industry
  • < We provide a guarantee and an agreed-upon service level (SLA)
  • < We respond to all your infrastructure needs from your desktop computer to the database and everything in between
  • < We assign an account manager to fully personalize your IT solution
  • < We do not "point fingers" at other providers
  • < We use skills and experience from all our sectors to provide you with the best possible service

Some other benefits of ACTIV8 customer IT support are:

  • < 24/7 availability
  • < A seasoned team with the experience to support onsite or from a distance
  • < The most advanced customer support software tools for a distance support
  • < Flexible ACTIV8 methodology and team management
  • < Flexible ticketing tool with work orders according to Service Level (SLA)
  • < 12 years of experience and over 3000 users

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