IT Procurement and Upgrades

Everything you need to put together the best configuration

A dedicated ACTIV8 team of specialist IT procurement experts will handle your hardware, software and licensing requirements, across a multitude of vendors.

IT procurement rounds up the process of acquiring and delivering IT equipment for you, with all the required software licenses.

With this service agreement you won’t need to worry about specifications or compatibility, or whether it will cause ongoing issues. ACTIV8 procurement experts will take care of all that for you.

Our procurement involvement spans across the full range of leading vendors to get you the best deal available. Our in-house team can help you put together any bundle you need in a cost effective and timely manner.


We’ve been cooperating with many distributors from IT sector and otherwise - successfully, building up to fast and efficient responses, and cultivating friendly and professional relations.

We highly value every partnership we’ve made to better respond to our client’s needs.

Computer Equipment Upgrades

Technical changes bring many benefits if well planned and implemented, but can also have a negative turn if the technology does not meet user requirements.

Large-scale technical upgrading concerns combining and planning, human resources and technology, as well as quality communication throughout the process.

ACTIV8 has 12 years of experience when it comes to large-scale technical upgrades, and therefore has the ability, knowledge to manage even the biggest and the most complicated ones.

Recovery and Disposal of Computer Equipment

If you are upgrading hardware (upgrading your hard disk or RAM on desktop computers), we can do a total wipe & clean, including clearing of existing equipment and cleaning of computers. Also, our disposal experts can implement various deletion services disks at your request.

The development of a project depends on various factors, and computer technology is only a part of it. Although we have considerable experience in using technical tools, our knowledge extends to many more factors than one would expect from a traditional IT service provider.

User Request and System Design

Starting with the collection of user requirements, we examine the customer base to successfully define the application of the technology used. We use the information we collect directly to plan the solutions we propose, and this includes a proposal for the correct selection and scheduling hardware and equipment, and the purchase of associated software licenses.

Conducting Upgrades with Minimal Disruption to the Routine

We start with the fact that the daily routine in any business must not be disrupted, due to the end-user experience.

That is why we have standardized a system of work that makes the introduction of any technical or technological changes minimal or does not interfere with your work process at all. We perform the disruptive part of the work outside of regular business hours and we prevent data loss by establishing an effective migration profile in combination with smart scheduling and a backup option.

ACTIV8 Us and Upgrade Your Computer System!